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Rose quotes quotations and sayings; Flower Quotes

There exist 100 species of roses, and they come in a range of colours from red, yellow, pink and white. Roses quotes, quotations and sayings from these well known poets and authors are reflections upon this popular flower. Enjoy these flower quotes, includes Rose poems quotes.

'Tis the first rose of summer that ope's to my view,
With its bright crimson bosom all bathed in the dew;
Robert Gillfillan

Each exquisite bud that uncloses,
To me is an inspiration
A wonderful new creation
That some mind has thought about;
And skeptic, where is your doubt?
Who planned the pattern and cut it out
Of the wonderful, beautiful roses?
Martha Lavinia Hoffman

Visions arise of a scent of mirth, 
And a ball-room belle who superbly poses -- 
A queenly woman of queenly worth, 
And I am the happiest man on earth 
With a single flower from a bunch of roses. 
Andrew Barton Paterson

The rose--the rose of matchless grace!
That best resembles woman's race;
It smiles, it weeps, it blushes too,
And loses soon its lovely hue.
With dewdrops glist'ning on its leaves,
C.B. Langston, The Rose

A revolution is not a bed of roses.
Fidel Castro

It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees. 
George Eliot

I’d rather have roses on my table
than diamonds ’round my neck.
Emma Goldman

~ Rose quotes, quotations and sayings; Flower Quotes ~

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